Anam J

Brand Design & Development

Web Design - Graphic Design - Multimedia - Social Media - Writing for Business - PR

Creative Consultation

A visual analysis of your business online and onsite and a chat about where you would like to see happen next.

Get Started

Budget-friendly start-up package to get you out there.

Branding Strategies and Style Guidelines

Plans on moving forward and how they should look.

Effective Writing for Business

Proposals, grant applications, business plans, letters, menus, PR and press.

Web Design

A website, or redesign tailor-fitted to do everything you need for your business which presents you professionally and accurately online.

Graphic Design

Logos, flyers, posters, online and offline design.


Planning and directing video content, Vlogging and getting you on other platforms for your business.

Social Media for Sales

Ensuring that your online social media presence is for your market and you are accessing and communicating with them effectively.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Content writing to ensure your are appearing on search engines.

Signage Preparation

Preparation and Design of your branded signage for vehicles, interior and exterior.

Retail Interiors Advice

An overview of areas where you can add to your premises to reinforce your brand.

Project Management

Manage overall branding of business and execute accordingly in coordination with business owner.

Media shapes mind, mind shapes change, change shapes future.

We are a team of experienced, talented, solution-seeking digital creatives with vision. We want to work with people in business who value the importance of presenting themselves and their business professionally in the media. You want to do your best and we do too. When we aren't working for you, we are working on ourselves, what we do and how we can do it and more... even better. We will create the stage where you can present yourself authentically in order to reach your market and create your future.

To be your own boss; to run your own business; to connect with who you are or what you want to do and present it to the world is not easy.

Once described as glue, I realised I had the gift of creating connections and by using this, I could help people connect to themselves, what they wanted to do and how they wanted to be seen and that's how Anam J was born.

Today, the media is the medium we use to connect and that's how I help you as a business owner make those connections. Using my transferable skills and top notch contacts from my past lives in newspapers, publishing, radio, e-learning and customer service, I can inspire, challenge, motivate and support you in being true to your business ethos, creating that connection and realising your vision.

Let me get my amazing team on board and let's do this!

Anam J project: Anam J Design

Anam J Design

Branding & Social Media
Anam J project: Queen Medb

Queen Medb

Logo Design & Photography
Anam J project: No Limits Get Active

No Limits Get Active

Branding, Website & Social Media
Anam J project: The Draft House

The Draft House

Interior Design, Exterior Design & Website
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